Sudden loss transitions are the most difficult to process.  We are blindsided, and caught off guard when they happen in our lives.

This is what happened to my dear friend and guest, Bunmi Samuel.

July, 2014, Bunmi decided to sign up for a sky diving adventure.  Little did he know that this one decision would become the catalyst for his sudden loss transition.  The sudden loss of his health.

Bunmi Samuel fell 15,000 feet as a result of a malfunction of his parachute.

Unbelievably, Bunmi survives

His story is riveting.  His story is one of overcoming and the resilience in the face of extreme adversity, injuries and pain.   

How does anyone survive this type of accident?  How does anyone create a new life when even the doctors said it was impossible?   His injuries were too severe, the challenges were overwhelming, and they did not give any hope to Bunmi.

But deep inside the human spirit, is the will to live and the will to come back.

Bunmi’s story will inspire you to believe in the impossible.   Believe that there is always hope and that your story is never over, because there is more for you to do even when life has created a new narrative for you.

Today, Bunmi would share that entrepreneurship is the fire in his belly!   He is a deep believer in the human ability to transform challenges.  His work ethic, vision for life and the practice of it all is evidence of this.  Mr. Samuel serves as an advisor to youth, to the community, and to forward thinking organizations.

As an entrepreneur, Bunmi has created two companies.

Pants and Sleeves, a creative design and development agency

Able World, a company that advises and coaches on transformation and mission alignment


Bunmi can be reached at

IG: Bunmi Samuel

Facebook: Bunmi Samuel

Twitter: Scenechanger