Conflict is one thing that is inevitable when transitions come into our life.

The change is unsettling and the unknown of what is ahead can cause stress, anxiety and ultimately conflict with our loved ones and even our co-workers.

How do we handle it?   How can we prevent conflict?

We are either in conflict, headed for conflict, or just got out of conflict.

Today’s guest, Mr. Ron Price, is a relational conflict expert who shares with us some incredible tips and ideas of what to do when we find ourselves confronted with conflict in a relationship or conversation.

Ron believes that while conflict is inevitable, damaged relationships, poor morale and productivity are optional.  He has spent the fast few decades equipping people in Relationship CPR which stands for Conflict Prevention & Resolution.

He has authored three books in his Play Nice in Your Sandbox series.  He has also trained numerous work teams to function together more positively and productively.

Ron’s wisdom in the area of conflict will enlighten you and give you tools so that you can be prepared for the next time you encounter conflict.   The ultimate goal is to protect our relationships, and Ron gives us the tools to equip us to do this, and to be able to do it with understanding and confidence to prevent conflict and bring resolution.

Please reach out to Ron through his email, website to purchase his course, Relationship CPR or any of his three books from the Play Nice in your Sandbox Series.

Ron will give you a 10% discount off his course and books if you mention, “The Transition Bridge Podcast”.    Take advantage!  

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Ron is also available for speaking engagements and training in your organization, corporation or church.   Highly recommended!