Today we will hear from Debi Ronca, the host of The Transition Bridge Podcast, as she covers the topic of the Symptoms of Transition.

How do we recognize them?   How are they affecting us?   How do we understand what they are trying to show us?

We can go through life experiencing certain symptoms, and not readily connect them to transition.   We think we are just having a bad time, or feeling frustrated, but the truth of the matter is that our emotions are trying to signal to us that something more is going on and its critical for us to take the time to pause, reflect and listen.

Also, in this episode, Debi shares that she is taking applications for those who are experiencing transition and would love to come on the podcast to receive some free coaching as Debi will help you process any mindsets, limiting beliefs or any other obstacles that are affecting you in transition.

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Debi mentioned a free transition assessment for you to take to help you discover any of the symptoms that may be letting you know that you are in transition.  Great tool and its free!

Debi’s course – The Purpose & Power of Transitions

Debi’s mini video series bundle

Debi’s coaching 1:1 Sessions


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