What do you do when you have a successful “in person” business and suddenly find yourself, due to Covid, captive in another country?

During the pandemic, our guest today, Natalie Alcantara found herself stranded and unable to return to her home in Trinidad.    She was on vacation when the pandemic hit, and Trinidad closed their borders even to those who lived there!   

Her business at that time, was hugely successful.  Her business was in her homeland, Trinidad.

Meeting with her clients in person was no longer an option and would not be for a very long time.In fact, it was 18 months or more before she could return home.

It’s pivot time and Natalie will share with you today her resilience and her strategies as she helped herself and her clients transition to this new way of doing business and build it in a powerful and profitable way.

Do you need inspiration? Do you need to find courage?  Do you want to enlarge your vision?

This Episode with Natalie is for you!

Her style, her voice and her intentionality on everything she says will bring you to a higher and deeper place.

Natalie is a strategist, advisor, mentor and coach who inspires business leaders to be at their best.  She has spent over 25 years propelling her clients to the forefront of their business, both as an internal team leader and through her own consultancy firm ION Marketing Ltd.

She has also become a Certified Guide in the groundbreaking XCHANGE Approach facilitation method.


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