For over 20 years, while she was single, Kate Wendell had a high- profile career in TV & Radio, primarily on Sirius XM Radio.     

From the time she was a little girl, she wanted to be a performer and a teacher, but even more, she wanted to be a wife and a mother.

There is a season and a time in our lives where being single is our experience and it is good.

Then there comes a time when our desires transition to finding our mate for life, which is also good.

Kate’s journey, her vulnerability and transparency will make your heart want to draw close as she shares her struggles and her own personal transformation as she moves from singleness to becoming a wife and mother of two kids, while Kate was over 40 years old.

Kate is the co-creator of the Finding Him Challenge and co-founder of Family OS

Kate has a deep passion to help women process and be transformed in their singleness, and prepare their hearts and lives as they find “the one”, too.

She has created a process and framework called SINGLE, that is full of depth, growth, wisdom and Godly insight.   Women are the beautiful workmanship of God, and we have a unique purpose that she wants every woman to discover about themselves and live from that place of understanding and knowledge.

Kate has created a free 5 day Challenge called “Love Yourself First” and another called the “Finding Him Challenge”, along with several other programs focused on a woman as she walks through the season of singleness in their life.



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