The Balance of being a mother and a provider is a unique and challenging process.  How can I do both?  How can I do it well?

Cammy Lee of Wheelhouse VA comes from the transition of losing her job, unexpectedly, in a time where she and her husband were already living paycheck to paycheck.    This unexpected loss put herself and her family in a predicament of great financial need and feeling very vulnerable.

This transition was the catalyst that became her turning point in her role as a provider and as a mother. 

Cammy’s determination to never be in a position where someone else had control over her ability to provide for her family allowed her to tap into her entrepreneurial instincts and create a successful freelance business from home and has found the perfect balance between being fully present for her family and providing for them at the same time.

You will be inspired by her intentional process, her bold decisions and her unwavering commitment to establish her freedom and the success she is living out today.



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