If you feel that you are a creative, one who builds, one who develops new visions for yourself or your business, then this podcast will be so meaningful for you!

Giselle Mascarenhas-Villareal is one of the most creative and passionate women I have met. She has continually created a vision, defined it and built it. She has done this with not only herself in mind as an entrepreneur, but Giselle is also passionate about empowering other women to implement and experience their own success!   Giselle calls it extracting your “magic”!

Her story, her journey and her transparency will capture your heart. 

Creatives also have to embrace the “messiness” in their path, embrace it and learn from it.

Giselle will share her own personal challenges as she moved forward to build several different companies, as she created vibrant movements for women and how she has created and become a powerhouse in the branding coach arena. 

Ranked #4 in the top branding coaches in 2020 by Yahoo.Finance

Giselle serves as a FemCity Global Expert, where she facilitates social media workshops for an international audience of over 30,000 members. 

She is also now serving in the role of Chief Operating Officer of Latina Empire, a newventure created for women.



Latina Empire – https://www.thelatinaempire.com/


FemCity Global Director – https://femcity.com/



Co-Founder – Intently Be.  Retreats.  Intensives.  Conferences.



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