Most of us can relate to times in our lives when depression took over and our lives felt so empty.  

How do you come out of this time in life?

How can we find the joy that seems to elude us?

My episode with Ly Piper Smith will bring enlightenment and breakthrough to these very questions.    

Ly Piper Smith vulnerably shares her awakening moment where for the first time she realized that she was walking in depression.  

“Now that I know this”, she shares, “how long have I been walking in depression and didn’t realize how this enemy of the soul was stealing from my life?”

“All things are possible” is what I felt when I heard Ly Piper’s Story of transformation and the abundant victory she experienced as she began to understand the power of laughter and how to bring joy back into her life.


A simple but powerful tool that was the key to Ly becoming:

A two-time best seller author                                                                                                                 

 Award-winning international speaker                                                                                        

 Certified life coach                                                                                                         

Wife who revitalized her then dying marriage                                                                              

Student and graduate from Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Brendon Burchard & Dale Carnegie





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