Anxiety is inevitable in times of transition. Change brings anxiety.

How do we handle it?   What can we do to keep anxiety from overwhelming us, and keeping us in a place of stress, sleepless nights and irritability?

Shylla Webb, Founder of Inner Matter, shares with us her expertise on how to handle anxiety with strategies and tips to allow you to come to a place where you can process and begin to remove the levels of anxiety that are affecting your life.

Shylla understands burnout, workload fatigue and has keys to deal with stress management.  She is a wealth of valuable information and she shares from a heart that understands, and is on a mission to help others with effective strategie to experience healthy change and breakthrough.

She also has a program called Rock My Campus, a Social, Emotional and Learning Program for secondary students, to help them with stress, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. 



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