Transitions that cause us to experience loss are so painful and a lot of the time, we are not prepared for them when they happen.

Today, Tracy Davison shares her personal journey as she received the news that her newly married husband would not survive his illness.   

The loss of heath and the loss of her husband.Two tragic events in one person’s life.

Tracy shares how she and her precious husband, Ken, walked through this devastating and painful time together.    You will probably cry, just like I did, but you will also be inspired by Tracy’s story and her spirit to move forward and create a new beginning for her life.

Tracy Davison is a trusted coach, connector, and franchise owner in Nashville, TN.

Tracy leads three Network In Action franchise groups in, bringing vibrant business leaders together to grow their businesses and give back to the community. She is launching a second, similar franchise called the Collaborative Business Alliance in the summer of 2022.



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