In today’s episode, we are going to tackle the topic of Narcissism.

Derek Newborn was named one of Florida’s Top Personal Trainers, a published fitness model, and the more attention he received the more destructive he became in every aspect of his life. 

He hit rock bottom, multiple suicide attempts, and became a full-blown narcissist.

He shares both powerfully and with so much transparency, his personal journey of how narcissism destroyed his life and how he found the hope and the courage to create transformation.

It’s possible!  Derek has created the plan.   

  1. Help victims of narcissism gain back their hearts and minds.
  2. Help men avoid the common pitfalls that lead to extreme narcissism.


I highly recommend you connect with Derek Newborn.   He has been there, he understands and he has the plan to bring you to a new path of healing and transformation.




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