Have you ever had the desire to write a book, but just didn’t know where to start?

Did you let your dream die because you felt your message didn’t matter?

Your time is now!

My guest Jennifer Harshman has the answer to all of your questions and the proven technique to make your dream come true.

She is also known as the Book Baker and has created an entire program that helps you create the perfect recipe to produce and present your new book.


In today’s episode we will learn:

  • What are the mindsets that keep us from writing our book?
  • Can someone really be taught how to write their first book?
  • Why your message that resonates within you is so needed to be captured and written.
  • How Jennifer helps you tap into your creativity to write your book.
  • What is the editing process all about?
  • What is repurposing?


Contact Jennifer and sign up to receive a stock of goodies to help you with your nonfiction content creation or repurposing.  She’d love to talk and share resources with you!






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