Tammy’s maternal instincts told her something was wrong with her son.

Her instincts proved true when her son admitted he was a heroin addict.  A crushing blow, a heart-breaking moment for any parent.


In this episode you will learn:

  • How Tammy navigated this transition with her son
  • The difficult decision of tough love in an emotional encounter
  • The steps to understand your child’s addiction
  • How to communicate with a child who is going through addiction


Tammy’s faith in God was her grounding in this difficult transition. 

She is now helping Moms with her program Unbound Love, Mentoring Moms to live while their child is lost, to have peace regardless of the choices their child makes or the outcome.

Please connect with Tammy.  She has a heart that understands and the tools and knowledge to help you navigate this challenging season of addiction in your family.



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