“Every challenge holds a blessing.  It is my job to find it”.  Rob Ekno

Rob Ekno shares his story of success, tragedy, addiction, and redemption.

Rob’s award-winning broadcasting career came to a crashing halt at the effects of drugs and alcohol and he became homeless and hopeless.

He began his journey of sobriety and later reignited his career as a National TV Host for 15 years and spent four seasons on NBC sitcom Newsradio and had a role on Phil Hartman’s last show.

He also produced and hosted In your Face, a spiritually-based internet radio show that was heard on weekdays for more than three years in nearly 100 countries.

Rob shares that his expertise is God, addiction, sobriety, and inspiring others to become their best.


In today’s episode, Rob shares:

• His celebration of 30 years in sobriety

• How he found hope to continue to move forward

• Why our choices are so important and why we should own them

• How he experienced improbable synchronicities to rekindle his faith

• How his faith in Jesus is the foundation of his life and mission

Author of several books, his third book Cruising toward Heaven, Navigating from Rough Seas to Miraculous Adventures can be found on Amazon in the link below.  

His book, Is it God or Coincidence, Coming to Grips with the Unexpected Wonders in Life, has become the inspiration for a faith-based film screenplay which is being developed by two brilliant Hollywood screenwriters.



Rob Ekno

Author – Producer – Actor



Website: http://www.robekno.com




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