“A woman’s health is her capital.”  Harriett Beecher Stowe

The health transition that takes place in a woman’s body, during her 40s and 50s is a critical season to understand why our body just stops acting like they used to.

My guest, today, Claudine Francois has created a revolutionary program, The Radiant Woman Method, that has helped scores of driven women to step out of the burnout and overwhelm into their most radiant life.  


If your desire is to:

• Find a program that has proven and successful answers

• Step out of the overwhelm and into your most radiant life

• Have the all-day energy, focus, and motivation to live a healthy life,

• Understand why your body is not functioning in a healthy way

• Get to the root of the problem and transform your health

Claudine has a free discovery health quiz for you!   https://transform.ingoodcleantaste.com/quiz



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