If you have experienced the loss of your career, or in the transition of changing your career, this episode is for you!

George C. Murray, is a Chief Operating Officer, Business and Job Transition Coach, and US Army Veteran, served in 101st Airborne Division & Desert Shield/Storm

After facing two job transitions in less than three years, George learned that career transition also has a process.

George has created a process that reduces the search time by 50% for finding your dream job.   The evidence is found in the power of the testimonials of those who work with George! 

He is the author of two award-winning books, HIRED: Cut Your Career Search Time in Half

And IGNITE.ENGAGE.RETAIN, a tool for business leaders and their teams.

George is available for speaking, coaching, and workshops.   

Both Books are available on Audible, Kindle, or Amazon.

I highly recommend you connect with George!




Global Operations & Supply Chain Leader | Speaker | Coach | Award-winning Author





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HIS BOOK, HIRED is based on his own experience—when he found himself facing two job transitions in less than three years. From both his military training and operations background, he learned that career transition also has a process.     The process he has created has reduced his search time by 50% each time with most recently taking 35 days from the time he left his last role to getting three offers.     WELCOME!!

George is both the award-winning author of, Hired: Cut Your Career Search Time in Half and HIS OTHER BOOK,  IGNITE.ENGAGE. RETAIN