Marion Gellatly is an award-winning Certified Image Master, one of only 29 in the world.  She is also an engaging speaker, author, and recognized leader in the field of image management.

As we move into new seasons of transition, we want to also walk in confidence and this may be the perfect time to understand more about your personal style that needs to be created and also become authentic to you.

Let your style tell your story!

Style insecurity and self-doubt can be left behind if you understand the style strategies that will give you confidence and have you looking fabulous without adding complexity to your life.


In this episode Marion shares:

  • How style can help attract new opportunities & people in your life.
  • What lies we believe about ourselves that keep us in a style rut.
  • How we can leave behind the self-doubt and style insecurity.
  • How your style speaks and is a powerful communicator.
  • How to go from being dismissed, discounted, or diminished, to awesome, amazing, and authentic!


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