Kate Wendell shares with us today about her SuperMOM Freedom Formula.

She has created a formula to help Moms grow a home-based business without losing their sanity!

Kate knows and understands personally how many Moms struggle with the desire to work and to also take care of their families. 

She was determined to find the solution and figure it out.

She did!


In this episode, Kate shares:

  • Her personal struggles and desire to be the best mom and still create her own business
  • Her expertise and what she has learned over the years as an entrepreneur in the marketplace.
  • Her process for the SuperMOM Freedom Formula
  • Her passion for helping women be able to thrive and have community to succeed.

Kate is passionate about helping you!







About Debi:

Debi is an International Best-Selling Author, Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Podcast Host