In our 4th episode of Your Story’s Changing, Finding Purpose In Life’s Transitions, Debi will be sharing about the next phase of a transition where you begin to LIVE out your next season in wholeness and clarity.

In this phase, we are coming to the other side of the transition, or as I like to say, you have now come to the other side of the Transition Bridge.    You are ready to embrace what is waiting for you, and also the people that you will connect with for your next season in life.


In this episode, Debi shares:

  • Experiencing the revelation of the new season and new relationships.
  • Why action steps like creating new goals are important.
  • Why we need to implement new habit structures for our new season.
  • Why an accountability partner will make all the difference. 


About Debi:

Debi is a Certified Life Transition Coach, an International Best- Selling Author, Speaker, and Podcast Host. 

She understands the struggles of going through different seasons in life and is passionate about equipping and empowering you to embrace, grow, and be transformed by the purpose and power of transitions.



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“Your Story’s Changing, finding Purpose in Life’s Transitions”

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