In today’s episode, I want to cover the topic of Trade Offs that comes from John Maxwell’s book, “15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.”

“John Maxwell shares that life has many intersections.  We have Opportunities to go up or down.   At these intersections we make choices.  We can add something to our life, we can subtract from it or exchange something we have for something we don’t.” 

I can see how transitions and trade-offs can become an integral and active part of our lives.

This is where we ask ourselves, where do I go from here?   What’s next.   It’s a place to pause and ask ourselves these important questions because it’s the time to make a trade off in our life.

The tradeoffs we make in life are opportunities for growth.

We can look at some transitions as a tradeoff for something new or different than what we have or where we are in life.

In today’s episode Debi shares:

  • How the fear of failure prevents us from the tradeoffs we need to make in life to fulfill our potential.
  • Her personal journey of how fear impacted her decisions to let go.
  • The challenges we can have in giving something up vs. how we keep stockpiling things to take with us through life.



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