Giji Dennard’s journey began with the pivotal moment of meeting her father at the age of 17.

This encounter sparked a lifelong passion for understanding and fostering healthy father-child relationships, which have become her professional signature.

When the father/child relationship is not healthy, or even non-existent, there is an emotional effect that leaves an imprint on the heart and soul of a child.

In our episode, Giji shares:

  • Her personal story of meeting her father for the first time.
  • The emotional impact of not having a relationship with your Father
  • How unhealed emotions carry into our adult life.
  • How society is affected by the lack of the father/child relationship

Giji Dennard travels around the country speaking about the Father/Child Relationship and has created powerful workshops to help those who have been impacted by this loss.

Her teachings and her own personal understanding of this pain have equipped her to help thousands of people while she brings them to a place of healing and a new beginning for their own lives. 


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