“Trauma creates change you do not choose.Healing is about creating change you do choose”.  Michele Rosenthal

Trauma is something we need to talk about, understand and learn how we can be healed from the trauma that we have been confronted with in life.

My guest, Jeannine Rashidi, is a trailblazer in trauma healing.

Overcoming her personal adversities, she has walked through the fire of sexual, physical, mental & emotional abuse and becoming a mother at a very young age.

Her transformation began when she identified repeating life patterns, prompting a deep immersive healing journey. 

Today, she is an Ayurvedic Doctor and founder of ‘Goodbye Tension’ and Author of the Best-seller, “Abundance Beyond Trauma” and has spent two decades helping others navigate physical, mental, emotional and digestive relief.

In today’s episode, Jeannine shares:

  • Her revolutionary technique called EDHIR for mental, emotional, and digesting traumatic experiences.
  • How she helps people connect their heart and mind, fostering harmony after trauma disconnects them.
  • Generational healing of Trauma.
  • Her personal 25-year battle with PTSD


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International Keynote Motivational Speaker | Trauma Specialist |  Health & Wellness Practitioner  |  Doctor of Ayurveda in Training  | Best Selling Author of Abundance Beyond Trauma



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