If you find yourself needing inspiration to believe and a challenge to keep moving forward even when your adversity is daunting and overwhelming, this episode is for you!

My guest, Kevin Lowe, at the age of 17, had a life-saving brain surgery that took an unexpected turn, and Kevin woke up from the surgery totally blind.

Now In his 30s, Kevin Lowe is a remarkable entrepreneur who has taken the world by storm.

Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenge of losing his eyesight in 2003, Kevin has risen to success as a Purpose-Driven Life Coach and the engaging host of the popular podcast, Grit, Grace, & Inspiration.

In his role as a coach, Kevin’s unique perspective is a powerful tool in helping his clients not just overcome their challenges, but more so to find peace and THE purpose hidden inside of them. His talent for creating deep connections and guiding transformative growth has left an indelible mark in the world of personal development.



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