Empowering children through reading is the passion of my guest today, Miriam Laundry.

Miriam Laundry is the founder of ML Publishing, the author of five bestselling and award-winning children’s books, and a TEDx speaker, not to mention a Guinness World Record holder.

It is Miram’s mission to give authors the knowledge and confidence they need to publish their children’s books and make a positive impact on the younger generation.

If you have a desire to become an author of children’s books, I highly recommend Miriam to help and guide you to fulfill your dream.


Today’s episode, Miriam shares:

  • How she became a Guinness World Record Holder in 2014!
  • How children’s books can take complex ideas and make them understandable for young minds
  • The thought process of how to write children’s books
  • How to encourage the desire to read in a young child’s heart


Connect with Miriam

Miriam shares her blueprint for children’s books


Website – http://www.miriamlaundry.com



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