There are times in our lives when we experience deeply troubling situations that can cause us to walk through life doubting our self-worth and adopting a lifestyle that lacks the confidence that we need to believe in who we are and what our potential is for fulfilling our purpose.

My guest, Sharon Hughes, experienced parental abduction, homelessness, and even woke up in a garage after being drugged and so much more.

Sharon’s story of overcoming nearly two decades of abuse are attributed to the grace of God and the hard messy work of fighting her way out of broken beliefs and thought patterns.  She is a passionate communicator and the go-to-girl when it comes to creating confidence, letting go of the past and breaking up with low self-worth.

Today, Sharon is a Confidence and Self- Worth Expert.  She is the founder of Called to Confidence, Launch your Creativity and the host of the Called to Confidence Podcast.

She is also Author of “The Girl in the Garage”, a multiple award-winning book, and “The Impact of Influence”. 

Sharon has a free workbook for you on her website to discover the 4 steps she uses to skyrocket confidence for her clients.,


In today’s episode, Sharon shares:

  • Her personal story of parental abduction, homelessness and waking up in a garage after being drugged
  • How her faith created the open door for her transformation transition
  • Overcoming broken thoughts and patterns in our lives
  • How our self-worth limits us
  • Why lack of confidence will keep us stuck
  • Questions to ask yourself to help you with your self-worth and confidence



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