“Please remember the real me, when I can’t remember you”

Today, we will be having a conversation about Dementia, a topic that we can all use greater insight and knowledge on as we may potentially one day transition to becoming a caretaker of a loved one who suffers with Dementia.

My guest, Carolyn Birrell, vulnerably shares her story of caring and loving her mother as they navigated together the debilitating disease of dementia.

Carolyn’s chronicled account of her journey became a book called, Walking with Fay, My Mother’s Uncharted Path into Dementia.


“Carolyn Birrell’s vividly told stories about caring for her mother Fay through the stages of dementia show us that we’re not alone in our frustration, exhaustion, love, fear, and regret. Her book is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, as caregiving often is. Especially helpful is the Afterword, which distills years of hard-won lessons into real-life examples of how to better respond to the everyday situations that often cause conflict.”  

                                                                                        ~Connie Chow, Founder, DailyCaring.com ~



You can connect with Carolyn Birrell on her website for more information about her book and booking speaking engagements.

Website – http://www.carolynbirrell.com



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