“The resume may get you the interview, but it’s the interview that gets you the job”

Our life is a story of transitions, and one of the challenging transitions we can experience is when we find ourselves no longer employed, and find ourselves searching and trying to secure our next employment in the marketplace.

My expert guest, Kurt Thompson, is a Professional Interview Coach providing professional interview coaching services with individual coaching, workshops & seminars along with his published interview workbook – START Acing Interviews Now! 

He has worked with numerous clients at all levels helping them with their interview skills and strategies and has worked with clients located in the USA, Canada, and Europe.   Kurt would share that he is passionate about interviewing and helping his clients achieve their professional and career goals.


In today’s episode, Kurt shares:

  • How to anticipate the correct questions to prepare for the interview
  • How to confidently share about yourself when the interviewer wants to know more about you
  • How to recognize and answer behavior-based questions in an interview
  • A breakdown of his workbook “START Acing Interviews Now!


If you are in this transition of seeking new employment, or a college student seeking their first job, I highly recommend that you connect with Kurt.  He is the expert and he will prepare you to confidently perform while you interview for your new position in the marketplace.



Website – https://theinterviewpro.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/theinterviewpro/



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