What is the connection between the Arts, Creativity and Wellness?

In a culture where we are seeking and chasing after remedies to become well and healthy, an idea that we may not have considered is how the Arts and Creativity can be the keys to what has been missing in finding wellness and wholeness in life.

My guest, Dr. Tasha Golden, PhD, is a former singer, songwriter with the acclaimed band, Ellery, who turned Public Health Scientist and a leading expert in creativity and wellbeing.   

She was the first Director of Research for the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, is adjunct faculty for the University of Florida’s Center for Arts in Medicine and Lead Author of “Arts on Prescription: A field guide for US Communities. 

In today’s episode, Dr. Tasha shares:

  • Why Doctors are prescribing museum visits, dance lessons, and art lessons for health.
  • How creative writing supports mental health.
  • What Health really look like.
  • The power of the words in her song, “You did everything right, you did everything right” for domestic abuse victims.
  • The Project Uncaged – trauma-informed creative writing workshops for incarcerated women. 
  • Why is it so important to “reimagine” your work and your life.

A special link has been created for my audience to connect with Dr. Tasha Golden.  http://www.tashagolden.com/transitions

For speaking engagements and more information regarding Dr. Tasha Golden:

Website – http://www.tashagolden.com



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