My friends, put your CAP on!

What am I talking about?

This is an acronym I use for Capabilities, Abilities, and Potential.

Capable of so many things.

Abilities are your skill set.

Potential is realized when your Abilities and Capabilities align.

If we don’t believe in our Capabilities, then we won’t apply our Abilities and our Potential is kept in a dormant state.


In this episode, Debi shares:

  • How your Capabilities and Abilities can align to reveal your Potential
  • The exercise you need to do to help you understand why you are unable to move forward and feel stuck
  • How what others say, or how we let failure remove our CAP

Debi encourages you to reach out and schedule a free call to help you understand your CAP and if you’ve removed it, she will help you put it back on and thrive!



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