“Disappointment is the gap between expectation and reality” – John Maxwell

What are expectations, and how do they set us up for disappointment?


A healthy perspective is to have some anticipation for an upcoming event, or time with our family and friends.

It’s fun to anticipate the possibilities of what can happen, or find your self excited with anticipation of what is coming.

But when we slip in an expectation, that is when we get in trouble.


Without realizing it, we have now set a benchmark or a standard of how we think others should act or respond to us, or how we believe an event should turn out. 

And when it does not meet our expectations, we experience disappointment and even some discouragement.


In this episode, Debi shares:

  • How our expectations negatively affect our relationships
  • Why expectations set us up for disappointment instead of fulfillment
  • How parents can put expectations on their children, only to set them up for failure
  • Why expectations do not allow for flexibility



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